We are extremely fortunate to offer the world class podiatry team BIGFOOT at PhysioFix


Bigfoot are focussed on providing a world class service for foot and leg pain. We treat elite and non elite athletes, children, grandparents and peoples of all walks of life. We thrive on great customer service with the expert knowledge to improve lifestyles, that gives our podiatrists a purpose each day.

You can be assured when you visit a Bigfoot Clinic you will receive a great service backed by clinical experience and research.


Justin Chong is a highly regarded podiatrist in NZ and has been involved in sports medicine, musculoskeletal pain, management of the foot and ankle after surgery and diabetes.  He is currently involved with the NZ Breakers, Auckland City Football, and NZ Athletes under the High Performance Program.

Justin knows first hand how injury and pain limits physical and emotional well being and this motivates him to see clients pain free as fast as possible. Whether its an elite basketballer, weekend warrior pounding the roads, a business executive or mother doing their first half marathon, working together as a team with realistic expectations and clear goals we achieve results. Empowering clients to get better and seeing them pain free is what drives Justin to do more everyday for his clients.

As team director Justin is proud of the Bigfoot team. One of his greatest visions is developing a team of successful podiatrists who are confident and thrive in the profession. Developing a unique culture with a clear vision delivers a world class service we feel proud of each day. This allows the company to strive for bigger challenges and create innovative methods to treat foot and leg pain.

Justin has always been a keen sportsman. You will often find him grinding up a hill on his mountain bike or out running or smashing a boxing bag.