Physio Fix’s philosophy is to be excellent at solving problems for our clients, that others can’t solve

After many years of working together; in February 2010 Pip and Elise set about on a journey to find new premises for Pip to fulfill her lifetime dream of owning a successful multidisciplinary health clinic in the heart of her local village.

The goal was to create a professional clinic with a fun, enjoyable and family feel to it. Based on honest, hard working and driven desires to be in business to enrich life.

Pip’s strength is to ‘fix’ things others can’t! She is renowned for being an incredible problem solver, for resolving issues for clients that many other professionals have been unable to do.

They employed a team of excellent people to complement the physiotherapy side of the business, and then progressed to attract other world class health professionals from a range of industries such as podiatry, sports massage and nutrition to join the team.

Physio Fix expanded and renovated in 2015 to increased size, modernize the clinic and to also include a rehabilitation gym for clients.

Clever people surround them selves with other clever people!