What our Customers are saying

“Locating Pip was like prospecting for gold and finally finding it”

“If you are looking for a team who will fix your pain, then you are in the right place.  Always upbeat and accommodating PhysioFix is a great testimony to Pip’s personality and ability – absolutely amazing!  Results speak for themselves and I wouldn’t hesitate (and do so regularly) to recommend this great team to anyone who has a problem.  They would always be my first stop.” Judy Johnson. President. Trends Publishing International.

“I’ve had back problems for a long time and have been to a lot of doctors and Physio’s, Pip fixed it by addressing the cause of the problem and it’s been great ever since, I highly recommend Pip and her team.” Paul Bowker. Managing Director. Amakosi Ltd

“Greetings to the BEST TISSUE THERAPIST Team I know of. Some months ago my lovely daughter came to me deeply concerned at the lack of progress she was making in improving her general fitness and mobility.

She was suffering from back pain, sore feet and calves. She had been to a pediatrist who had recommended she wear shoe inserts, a fitness instructor who had given her a set of rehab exercises, and finally a doctor who was considering either cortisone injections or referral to a back specialist. She was in constant pain and increasingly restricted in her choices of activities.

I recommended before doing anything more she should visit PHYSIOFIX. Within a week she was assessed by Tim who quickly diagnosed the sources of the discomfort, began a series of physio treatments, accompanied by an exercise and pilates regime. Now after three months, she has resumed her previous active lifestyle without the need for any medical intervention and getting stronger and more active by the day!

As you know, I first became a patient of Pip when she was working at an established Physio practice in Remuera, where I was referred to following a knee replacement in 2007. My rehabilitation during this time was very steady, with Pip supervising my leg rehab exercises together with biweekly physio treatment. I quickly gave away the use of crutches and after 3 months was able to get back into my normal weekly exercise program of walking, mountain biking, and 2/3 x weekly gym sessions.

Last year I had a couple of serious falls. One resulting from falling off a ladder and damaging my left shoulder, followed 6 months later by slipping down a steep concrete drive resulting in a fractured left pelvis, coupled with serious damage to my left buttock muscle mass. I was a very “unhappy chappy.”

Under normal circumstances either of these accidents would have resulted in a level of permanent disability, limiting my activity on a daily basis, and worse still limiting my ability to work in my garden, go walking with my wife, and maintain my earlier levels of recreational exercise and pursuits, an essential part of maintaining a high level of wellbeing. Fortunately for me, Pip had opened up her own physio practice – PhysioFix – AND attracted a small team of highly motivated, capable, professional people which collectively have enabled me to make great rehab progress back to my earlier levels of mobility and fitness.

The PhysioFix front office managed by Elise, supported by two of the most competent and able Physios in Pip and TIm, and two muscle therapists in Jon and Jackie, create a wonderful environment of fun and serious therapy, making PhysioFix the standout physio practice I know of by far. I canʼt speak highly enough of the quality of therapy available within PHYSIOFIX.”